Covid-19 Factoid: Share of recoveries in India’s case additions is falling



The global tally of coronavirus infections currently stands at 5.12 million. There have been 330,768 deaths worldwide, and more than 2 million recoveries. On May 20, a little over 100,000 cases were added to the global tally in a single day. However, the number of new daily deaths has been declining, oscillating between 3,000 and 5,000, much lower than the peak of 8,000-plus in mid-April.

In India, the confirmed case count is now at 112,359, with 3,435 fatalities and 45,300 recoveries. Maharashtra remains the most affected state, with its case count inching towards the 40,000 mark less than a week after it crossed 30,000.

Here are some statistics mapping the outbreak:

1. More cases are turning fatal in North America, the worst-hit region

North America, the continent with the highest share of coronavirus cases, also has the highest percentage of closed cases ending up as facilities. Nearly two in ten closed cases in this region have resulted in deaths. By comparison, Australia has fared the best on this metric, with just one per cent of its closed cases ending in deaths.

It also has a very low number of confirmed cases, around 8,600. Asia, with more than 880,000 reported cases, has had a good recovery rate, too – 95 per cent of all closed cases in Asia have recovered from the virus.

2. Brazil witnesses a major spike in cases, adds more than 20,000 cases in a single day

Brazil has seen its highest-ever spike in confirmed coronavirus cases, with 20,000 cases being reported in a single day. Brazil is counted among countries still on the ascent, with no signs of decline in cases in sight. Its count of total confirmed cases stands at 293,357 at present, third-highest in the world. The country has seen 18,894 deaths, and almost 40 per cent of its cases have now recovered.

3. Gap between daily new case additions and daily recoveries is widening rapidly in India

In a worrying trend, the gap between daily new case additions and daily recoveries is growing very fast in India. At its best this month, new cases exceeded recoveries by roughly 1,000 cases, on May 17. This was also the day when recoveries peaked for the month of May, with 3,995 people beating the virus (the number has since dropped to 3,000-odd recoveries). The gulf has now widened to over 2,500 cases.


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